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If you think you and your children may be suited for a Family Bridges workshop, and the court is likely to place the children in your custody and apart from their other parent for an extended period of time, the next step is to contact the program using the form below.

When we receive your inquiry we will send an intake form to gather preliminary information, help us screen whether your situation might be a good fit for Family Bridges, and determine whether a phone consultation is likely to be helpful to you.  There is no charge for providing and reviewing the intake form.

After reviewing the intake form, if a consultation is warranted you will be offered an appointment. The intake form and the pre-consultation process is used only for the purpose of gaining information with which to reach a decision about whether a consultation regarding Family Bridges is warranted. You are advised to consult with your attorney before providing any information to Family Bridges.

Because of the high volume of inquiries, we are unable to engage in a more extended dialogue and correspondence regarding your situation without scheduling a personal consultation. Discussions of matters such as expenses, location, logistics, and the suitability of the program for a particular family, are highly case-specific and depend on the history and facts of the situation. The fee for the initial phone consultation, covering up to 1.5 hours of services, is $500.

If you are a parent with whom the children are aligned (or your client is a parent with whom the children are aligned), and do not need help to overcome your children’s rejection of you, please postpone contacting Family Bridges until after your children have participated in a Family Bridges workshop with their other parent. Because the work is initially with the rejected parent and children, and the workshop is not provided to the other parent unless the children have already participated in the workshop, Family Bridges does not correspond with the favored parent or his or her attorneys and representatives until after the children and the other parent have participated in the workshop. This saves much time and unnecessary expense in situations where the children do not ultimately participate in the workshop.

Custody Evaluators, Therapists, and Attorneys

Custody evaluators, therapists, and attorneys will find much information about Family Bridges on this website and in professional publications, far more  than is typically available concerning interventions for alienated children, such as therapy and counseling. Please refer to the links under Workshop for details.

If you need more specific information, or want to discuss the possibility of a Family Bridges workshop for a particular child or client, please use the contact form below to arrange a phone consultation.

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The Family Bridges Workshop is a structured, four-day education experience to help alienated children and a rejected parent begin restoring a positive relationship in a relaxed setting.
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